Work with Supertea Studios 2014-2015

Supertea Studios is a small indie game studio run in Bloomington Indiana and I worked for from 2014 to 2015, as a freelance artist. I worked mostly on concept art and 2d backgrounds for their two games, Voidwalker and Conspiracy 20xx both of which were Green Lit on Steam but were never released.

Voidwalker unreleased

Voidwalker was the first project I worked with the studio on. It was an adventurous and complicated project being the company's first game. I worked primaraly on concept art for the characters and worlds.

As the head Professor of Enchantment at the Royal Arcane Academy, very little in the world of magic remains a mystery to you. The Tangible Elements have been at your command for decades as have three of the four Intangible Elements. No one knows Void anymore though, so this area of lack never bothered you or your students. Recently however, a sorceress claiming to be a Voidmaster has helped to propel you in to the Magical Dimension - a feat not achieved by anyone since the Light Crusade banished Void over a thousand years ago.

via Steam Greenlight Page

Conspiracy 20xx unreleased

It's all true, every last bit. The Illuminati are real, Aliens are real, the New World Order is real. All governments are simply leading flocks of mindless Sheeple. They are puppets put in power by the Earth's real masters ... and you're in charge of the whole operation. Take the head seat of the New World Lunar Order Council Base and decide the fate of the world, one crisis at a time.

via Steam Greenlight Page

The second planned major release, Conspiracy 20xx was built by the creator's love of making fun of absurd and arbitrary conspiracy theories. As a 2d game built on the writing I was in charge of doing the painted backgrounds and character portraits for the Lunar Council, characters like the Illuminati, Queen of the Fae, and Mr X.

After making game changing decisions the game relied on a coded system that would display an image based on the reigon the event happened and what kind of event happened. There were 23 event foregrounds and 11 reigon backgrounds, the style and tones matched well enough that they could be mixed and matched do fit the event and situation. I'm fairly proud of the work I was able to complete for this project, it also however remains incomplete.

West Asia Base | +Mythical Disaster | +Starvation Event

Oceania | +Illuminati Coverup Event | +Abandoned Event

South Africa | +Killed the Reigon | +Hacker Event



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