Almadel in progress

I started working on Almadel back in 2010, originally titled The Crucible and eventually The Crucible Sequence, finalizing on the name Almadel.

Halvar Sharrod is going further than he's ever gone before.

Shipped off to the other side of the multiverse to live with an aunt he barely remembers for a reason he was never told. However before he can even unpack he's thrust into a conspiracy as old as the multiverse itself. The key to the oldest secrets of existence, kept since before the birth of reality have been entrusted to him.
With no more than his aunt's guidance and the uncanny luck of his piratical friends, Halvar has to unravel this cosmic mystery before someone else does... Someone who might use the power of this arcane secret to bring reality to it's knees.

Right... better start praying.

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Although I've been working on it for a long time there aren't actually any posted pages as of yet. The script is currently on it's fifth itteration with many changes to the characters that will hopefully make it a more engaging story than the other scripts allowed it to be.

Circa 2013



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