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  • [ quiet ] June 2019

    Day number 10 for a fanart countdown for Shadowbringer's launch day. Featuring Io Luda, the Grani, and the beautiful Il Mheg.
    Clip Studio and Adobe Lightroom
    Timelapse Video

    Final Fantasy XIV non-player character, requested by @Gahostan on twitter.
    Clip Studio
    NPC Request Box
  • Detective Pikachu March 2019

    Detective Pikachu acrylic charm design.
    Clip Studio Paint
    Storenvy Product Page
  • Hawthorn January 2019

    Hope. Halvar Sharrod from Almadel.
    Pen and Ink
  • Birdhouse December 2018

    Drawing I final project.
    Charcoal on Paper
  • XII November 2018

    Io Luda, my Final Fantasy XIV character. 15 hours, 24 minutes.
    Clip Studio Timelapse Video
  • Krensha October 2018

    Concept art for Krensha from Almadel.
    Blue pencil and Ink
  • Morrison October 2018

    Ballpoint pen project for Drawing I.
    Ballpoint Pen
  • Waiting September 2018

    Photo manipulation project for Media I.
    Canon Eos T5i + Clip Studio
  • Bloometh the Rose May 2018

    The gnath primal Ravana from Final Fantasy XIV. 45 hours, 25 minutes.
    Appeared at the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest show in Las Vegas 2018.
    Clip Studio Timelapse Video Fanfest Site
  • Flames of Conquest May 2018

    The gnath primal Ravana from Final Fantasy XIV. Two plate linocut.
  • Overwatch Torbjorn April 2018

    My half of an art trade, featuring Torbjorn from Overwatch in his biker themed skin.
    Clip Studio
  • Tip Your Waitstaff March 2018

    Vassago Veren in casual attire, with a lesson for us all on his shirt.
  • Intercession January 2018

    Commission for Zanduril Starstorm, Leviathan Server FFXIV.
    Clip Studio Timelapse Video
  • [NO NEW MESSAGES] December 2017

    Clip Studio Timelapse Video


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