Intercession January 2018

Commission for Zanduril Starstorm, Leviathan Server FFXIV
Timelapse Video

[no new messages] December 2017

Timelapse Video

It's Almost Halloween! November 2017

FFXIV art featuring my character, and Chachamu Chamu from Leviathan server.
Timelapse Video

Gotta get ready to go to the dungeon!! September 2017

Pencils of my FFXIV catboy Io Luda getting ready to go adventuring.

dancer September 2017

Pencils of Matenren dancing.

Snack Time September 2017

Catgirl Io Luda having a snack! Traditional lineart with digital colors.

The Chosen August 2017

Pencils for an eclipse inspired drawing.

self/one March 2017

Self portrait

Blue Diamond February 2017

Blue Diamond from Steven Universe inspired by her depicted pose in season two episode 24 "It Could've Been Great."

Io Luda July 2016

My in game character from Final Fantasy XIV.

Io Luda August 2015

My in game character from Final Fantasy XIV.

Gaelikitten August 2015

The cutest monster and minion from Final Fantasy XIV.

Steven and Lion July 2015

A charm/tshirt design of Steven and Lion from Steven Universe. Charms Photo.

Star Guardian Lux June 2015

Lux in her Star Guardian skin from League of Legends.

Keid June 2015

The orc, Keid. From my comic in progress Almadel.


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