2019 Portfolio

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  • Hawthorn January 2019

    Hope. Halvar Sharrod from Almadel.
    Pen and Ink
  • Memory February 2019

    Classwork, final illustration based on original sketch and composition by @Shoelac3Ninja on twitter.
    Clip Studio
  • Asphodel February 2019

    My regrets follow you to the grave. Trane from Almadel.
    Pen and Ink
  • Carnation February 2019

    For Saber Prish on Behemoth. Final Fantasy XIV.
    Pen and Ink
  • Bird February 2019

    Watercolor and Cut Paper
  • Detective Pikachu March 2019

    Detective Pikachu acrylic charm design.
    Clip Studio Paint
    Storenvy Product Page
  • [ please don't ] March 2019

    Classwork, main design and matching pattern.
    Adobe Illustrator
    Redbubble Product Page
  • Dead Letter Office April 2019

    Classwork, editorial illustration based on a podcast.
    Clip Studio
  • Gold Experience April 2019

    Commission of the Gold Experience from Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure.
    Clip Studio
  • drowned April 2019

    Painting for class.
    Clip Studio

    Final Fantasy XIV non-player character, requested by @Gahostan on twitter.
    Clip Studio
    NPC Request Box
  • Nickolas Varcal May 2019

    Commission for @Nickachu94 on twitter of his Final Fantasy XIV character.
    Clip Studio
  • [ quiet ] June 2019

    Day number 10 for a fanart countdown for Shadowbringer's launch day. Featuring Io Luda, the Grani, and the beautiful Il Mheg.
    Clip Studio and Adobe Lightroom
    Timelapse Video


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